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Who We Are

Mosier Community School serves the local students of the Mosier Valley and offers available enrollment to students in Wasco and Hood River counties. Mosier Community School is a tuition free, public charter school. MCS is committed to providing an education for students that has rigor, relationships and relevance at the heart of it,  allowing each student to develop to his or her maximum potential and to become outstanding citizens. 

We are very proud of the rich programs, enthusiastic students and support to our school community. We truly are a “community” school that provides the personal attention students need while challenging them in all aspects of learning. Our students and staff thrive in a multicultural global environment that respects and emphasizes human dignity, environmental stewardship, enriched curriculum and high achievement. We prepare students to be strong community leaders in a diverse world. We emphasize the new three ‘R’s of Rigor, Relationships and Relevance.

North Wasco County District 21 is the sponsoring district for Mosier Community School. We have our own school board made up of parents and community volunteers. The “charter” is a performance document detailing the school’s mission, programs, goals, students served, methods of assessment and measures of success. Mosier Community School recently renewed its charter and was granted a 10 year charter. This is a strong testimony to the strength of our school as very few charter schools are granted a 10 year charter in Oregon. 

The designation of “public charter” school represents a great opportunity for the school and the community. It allows our schools to operate with freedom from many of the regulations that apply to traditional public schools. In return for this increased autonomy, the schools are held accountable for both academic results and fiscal practices to several groups: the sponsoring district, North Wasco County District 21; the parents whose children attend the schools; and the public/community that funds them. Mosier Community School receives 83% of the state funding that other public schools receive and we depend on volunteers, donors and fund raising events to fund the remaining operating costs.

MCS Continuous Improvement Plan

What is the Continuous Improvement Process?

Schools and districts in Oregon are called upon to engage in continuous improvement work to improve outcomes for students. A continuous improvement process is the process by which districts and schools:

  • Determine what is working and what needs to change;

  • Establish a process to engage stakeholders to effect change;

  • Leverage effective practices to implement a plan;

  • Use data to monitor and make timely adjustments to improve outcomes.

The continuous improvement process results in the development of an ambitious, priority-driven action plan where routine collaboration and decision-making among staff and administration is reflected throughout implementation.

CLICK HERE to view Mosier Community School's Continuous Improvement Plan that was submitted to the Oregon Department of Education.

District Affiliations

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Environmental Awareness

We are committed to “walking lightly on the Earth” and barely leaving a footprint. At Mosier Schools we have a recycle program in place to recycle paper, cardboard, bottles and plastic bottles. We compost our food scraps from the cafeteria and give the excess to local farmers to use in their composts or to feed livestock. We encourage students to only take the amount of food that they can eat so as to reduce waste. A large amount of the fruit and vegetables that we serve the students come from local farmers. We have two large solar panels that contribute to our renewable energy source.