After School Clubs

  • After School Clubs are offered throughout the year.

    This fall we are proud to be offering a wide variety of After School Clubs for our students. After School Clubs this trimester include:

    Middle School Student Aid/Service Club, (led by parent volunteer Robyn Winwood),Winter Show Choir, Costume, Dance and Drama clubs for students, Garden Club, Primary Homework Club, Robotics clubs for students in the 5th through 8th grades, along with a Middle School Cross Running Club, (under the direction of parent coaches Rebecca Thistlethwaite, Jim Dunlop and Phil Evans).
    A nominal fee, which helps to offset the cost associated with offering these clubs, is charged - $5 for those who qualify for the Free Meal Program, $15 for those who qualify for the Reduced Meal Program, or $25 for those who do not qualify for one of the programs.  If the fees associated with a club causes a hardship for your family, please contact Ms. Vallie about having them waved.
    If you are interested in leading or assisting in any of these activities or any new activities, please contact Ms. Vallie - Community Coordinator: