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       Community Partners in Education

       Mosier Schools are very fortunate to have several community organizations that work with  our students to enrich the learning environment in specialized areas such as technology,   art, and the environment. The following are some of our partners:

    Mosier Community Garden Members and Master Gardeners
    Mosier Schools has a wonderful Community Garden on our campus. In the Spring, members from the Community Garden and Master Gardeners work with students teaching them about plant growth cycles and planting seeds for the year’s garden. The Mosier Schools Green Club students work outside preparing the beds and learning about composting and mulching.

    Columbia Gorge Arts in Education
    Each year Mosier Schools host one to two artists in residence. These artists work with students sharing their special artist talent and helping students to enjoy and appreciate the diversity of artistic expressions in our world. Our students have shared in the worlds of African drumming, American Folk art and music, Van Gogh painting, and many more.