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    Our Mission

    To foster independent learning and citizenship in partnership and for the benefit of our community.


    Our Core Values:


    1. Focus on the whole child (holistic approach) - At The Mosier Community School we believe it is important to focus on whole child, this means attuning to different learning styles and abilities, having students work both collaboratively and individually and taking into account their social/emotional and their physical well being alongside their academic growth.  This includes:

    • Relationships:  We build supportive relationships for engagement and performance.  Creating and maintaining strong, positive relationships with our class/team/community is a central focus of our time and energy.  We believe in collaboration and compromise to reach consensus. Respecting and promoting confidentiality, citizenship and individual dignity are essential for creating positive relationships.

    • Relevance:  Multi-disciplinary learning allows students to create connections, find significance and prepare for future challenges.  Integrated learning allows students to make connections between multiple subjects, which will encompass the arts and sciences. Inquiry Based Learning and/or Thematic units create relevance for students and encourage differentiated learning.  We believe in learning subjects in depth, which enhances success in educational challenges.

    • Wellness:  We develop strong, healthy beliefs and bodies.  We choose to model and promote healthy behaviors within the schools’ community.  Good nutrition and exercise are important values for students and adults, which we believe to be a foundation for educational success.  We support not only our individual health but also the health of our community and our world.

    • Celebration of Success:  We value and honor celebration of educational excellence in achievement as a vehicle to acknowledge and motivate learners.  Celebration is a step toward developing intrinsic learning patterns.

    2. Developing and sustaining a focus on community (valuing community) - As a community school we place high value on the role of community.  This involves both inviting the larger community into our school, being a community hub and using the Mosier community and its environs as a primary topic of study as a school with a Place-Based focus.   This includes:

    • Supportive Community:  We seek to work collaboratively and respectively with the schools’ community.  We willingly put time and effort into Mosier Community School. We embrace the Core Values and use them to guide and support our educational practice, learning and growth as individuals and as a community.

    3. A culture of high expectations (academic, social, emotional) - At the Mosier Community School we strive to create an environment where each child can experience their greatest amount of growth.  This involves knowing each child at our school well and ensuring their education is tailored to yield their maximum growth academically, socially, emotionally, and physically. This includes:

    • High Expectations and Growth for All Students:  We set high expectations and standards to develop academic excellence towards maximum potential.  We are constantly monitoring and adjusting the educational expectations and standards to incorporate new learning.  We do this for ourselves and for those whom we will impact in the schools’ community.

    • Multi-age Learning Environment:  We believe that students access information differently regardless of age.  Students in multi-age environments are able to visualize a path of progression, which allows them to explore their next steps of learning.  This leads to an ever-expanding horizon not limited to age or grade expectations.

    • Flexible Skill Level Core Instruction:  We support the value of differing environments for different learners.  We assess student abilities in an on-going fashion to ascertain continued growth and to determine whether current placement is appropriate.