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    School Registration Information - How to Become a Tiger!        

    Limited enrollment opportunites currently available.  Please inquire now.

    Enrollment at MCS is voluntary as we are a school of choice for area parents.

    It is the mission of the school to offer places to all residents of the extended Mosier area first.  If there are enrollment availabilites to fill the classes, these will be offered to residents of NWCSD and Hood River County.

    Places are not available to students who live in the state of Washington.

    Fall applications accepted each spring.  For questions please contact Stephanie Kime(541)478-3321                                                                                                                   tiger

    For REGISTRATION:  email to inquire

    The Mosier Community School Title IX Coordinator is Janet Carter - She can be contacted by email at: carterj@nwasco.k12.or.us

    By mail  - PO Box 307, Mosier, OR 97040 or  by phone - 541-478-331

    Federal Law (Title 1X) policies are available in these locations:  Policy GBN/JBA and Policy JBA/GBN.